About Us

am i nuts?

what in the world possessed me to start a new business when I already have a (nearly) full-time job in addition to running a family? well, i’ll tell you.

reason #1 – i love selling stuff. i discovered this when I held four garage sales the last time I moved. i found that I was selling stuff I actually wanted to keep, just so i could sell. i know, ridiculous, but true. i then started a business plan for a brick and mortar gift store, which collects dust each year i decide to stay in a great job with Yahoo! – and a steady paycheck (living in SF requires that!).

reason #2 – after working with the fine folks in the Small Business, group at Yahoo!, and talking with other successful merchants, i realized this may be the way to (somewhat) fulfill my dreams.

reason #3 and #4 – i love babies and all the fun products that come with them. i’ve purchased many baby shower and new baby gifts in my day (not to mention buying stuff for my own rascals), and while shopping, i’ve found that often times the cool-enough products weren’t high quality, and the high quality products were boring (baby blue, green or pink). on the rare occasion that i found a product that met my “hip and high quality standards,” i was in heaven.

(drum roll, please) enter FlyingPeas – a place where fashion meets function and hip meets high quality. i know, i know, it sounds so cliché, but i swear, this stuff can be hard to find! our hope is that FlyingPeas will make it easier for you to shop, find and buy new (and sassy!) parent/baby products.

so, shop away friends! we’re just getting off the ground, so please don’t mind the mess. and let us know your thoughts about our site, our products and anything else that we can do to make your shopping easier – and most importantly – more fun.

thanks for stopping by. here’s to a fabulous shopping experience (and please let me know if it’s not)!

(aka: FlyingPeas’ mama)